THE FUED TAKES A STAGE: Trump WILL Go to Debate Hosted by Megyn Kelly

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.17.41 AMIf you thought the last GOP debate was entertaining, this one should be for the record books.

Donald Trump will take part in a Republican debate moderated by Fox News star Megyn Kelly, his campaign said today.

The move ends a long-running boycott of Kelly by Trump, after they clashed bitterly during the first Fox News Republican debate.

Asked by Daily Mail Online whether he was ‘solidly committed to debating on Thursday’, a campaign spokesman replied simply: ‘Yes.’

The decision by Trump comes after he wondered out loud at a campaign rally about whether he should attend.

Speaking to supporters in Oklahoma City, he said the debates ‘seem like a terrible waste of time’ Business Insider reported.

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