The Gateway Drug To Freedom: JAGTV A New Libertarian TV Network

JAGFor the past few months several sources have been reporting that a “major new Liberty/Libertarian TV network” called JAGTV is on the way and Libertarian News Examiner has just acquired exclusive access to some never before published original promotional artwork.

Readers can see them for the first time here in the JAGTV Slideshow.

The art aptly illustrates JAGTV’s breadth and depth in its coverage intent, from the edgy “Choosing when to die” to the more traditional “Don’t be envious, it’s only capitalism.”

According to one YouTube trailer that includes longtime “libertarian political commentator” Larry Elder, JAGTV is “A network celebrating free minds, free spirits, free enterprise.”

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Another, featuring clips from Peter Schiff, LP presidential candidate Gary Johnson, teen tune/economics phenom Dorian Electra and others, declares “The revolution will be televised.”

The Daily Paul reports that people heading up the new enterprise include former Cato Institute Education Policy Director Jennifer Grossman, Michael Strong who ran Whole Foods co-founder John Mackey’s Conscious, and Ricky Ray Butler of Plaid Media/Endorse Liberty PAC.

There’s also mention of involvement from…



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