THE GUN CONTROL CHART: Liberals REALLY Don’t Want You to See

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.06.06 AMTime to let the public see and judge for themselves; instead of trying to force a false narrative down our throats.

The Blaze explains how guns aren’t the problem:

The idea that more government control over the private lives of individuals will eventually prevent atrocities from being committed is an incredibly dangerous philosophy.

It’s also ironic that liberals, who form the majority of those concerned about the danger of an increasingly abusive police force, now openly advocate for a disarmed citizenry, leaving guns exclusively in the hands of the very police they fear.

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Black lives matter, anyone?The fact is that the only world in which rapes, kidnappings, stabbings and shootings don’t happen, is the world of Tom Cruise’s “Minority Report,” in which an all-powerful and all-knowing state prevents crime by arresting criminals before they can act.

And that kind of world simply isn’t compatible with freedom.

Liberty and security hang in eternal balance, as Benjamin Franklin reminded us. As long as people have a choice, some will choose to impose themselves upon others. Freedom is a dangerous thing.

It seems that after each national tragedy, the hand-wringers on the left sift through every grain of liberty they can get their hands on, looking for ways to regulate away every natural disaster, bad business decision, and murderous psycho. Their solution is always more government, more control.

As short-sighted as the call for more gun control is, the call for better background checks and more mental health regulations isn’t much better. Neither addresses the real problem: freedom.

We can talk about a culture in decline, about the wane of traditional morality, or about the effect of a press that glorifies monsters and ignores heroes, but our political calculus as a society must continue to account for the fact that, as Jeb so neatly summarized it, “stuff happens.”

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