The Intolerant Left: LGBT Writer Targets Conservative Gays, ‘Won’t Accept’ Them if They’re Trump Supporters

The left is known for preaching tolerance and acceptance… as long as you follow everything they agree with. One LGBT(Q?) writer, Skylar Baker-Jordan, made this very clear after writing a hit piece against GOP gays. The hypocrisy is hilarious! Check it.


LGBT writer Skylar Baker-Jordan refused to accept homosexuals who “come out” as supporters of President Trump in a new article for The Independent, encouraging others in the LGBT community to cut ties with gay conservatives.

In the article, Baker-Jordan responded to OUT magazine’s Chadwick Moore, who came out as a conservative on Saturday and explained how the left-wing LGBT community started to ignore, reject, and cut ties with him after he wrote a neutral profile on Breitbart Senior Editor MILO and expressed conservative political beliefs.

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“Gay conservatives aren’t welcome in gay spaces because the people they support are an existential threat to our rights and our community,” claimed Baker-Jordan, condemning homosexual conservatives including Moore and MILO. “After all, queer spaces (such as bars, bathhouses, community centres, and even bookstores) were founded and instrumental in radical sexual politics and political engagement. You can’t divorce that from the social aspect, because doing so would deny the history of our community and the present reality of so many vulnerable LGBT people.”

“Asking that the gay community embrace you and your politics is like one turkey asking another to be okay that he voted for the farmer and Thanksgiving,” he continued. “I don’t care if this hurts someone’s feelings; I’m more concerned with the harm their vote causes. So until American conservatism welcomes queer people, queer people shouldn’t welcome American conservatives. Even if they’re queer themselves. Sorry, Chad. Maybe Milo will buy you a drink.”


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