THE ‘IRON UNDERWEAR’ STUNT: Afghan Artist Placed in Hiding Amidst Death Threats for Trying to Show Case Women Harassment

Body suit
Remind me not to go to Afghanistan.

An Afghan artist has been forced into hiding after receiving death threats for dressing in a metal suit featuring exaggerated breasts and buttocks.

Kubra Khademi wore the unusual armour in a performance on the streets of Kabul to highlight the problems of sexual harassment faced by women.

She had hoped to make a walk lasting for 10 minutes but in the event was forced back into her car by an angry mob of men after only eight minutes. The men threw things and even children were shouting at her.

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She said the men were yelling: “That whore. What is she doing? Is she a foreigner? Who the hell is she?”

Khademi carried out the performance because, she said, Afghan women suffered in silence. And even wearing a burka is no protection. She said those wearing the all-covering blue nylon garment faced harassment too.

However, she is now facing daily threats by phone and email from Islamic fundamentalists who have threatened to kill her.


‘Killing a butterfly’

Speaking to the BBC in a secret hiding place, she said it had taken her several weeks to make the armour. The blacksmith she used was surprised when she first came in but she marked out the breasts and bottom and they beat the metal into shape.

She said she had designed it because “this is all that men see of women”.

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