THE IRONY: Alexander Hamilton, Who Created the US Monetary System, to be Replaced by a Woman on the $10 Bill

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Thankfully only women who have passed away, and have actually done something, are allowed to be featured on the bill; so we all know Hillary won’t be on it.

The announcement is the first sign of success in an ongoing effort to remove from U.S. currency what many on the left see as rich, white slave owners — also known as our Founding Fathers.

(Hamilton, born in the West Indies of Scottish heritage, was a noted abolitionist who did not own slaves, according to Britannica.)

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“Our democracy is a work in progress,” Lew told reporters, according to NBC News. “This decision of putting a woman in the $10 bill reflects our aspirations for the future as much as a reflection of the past.”

Social media users weren’t buying it, though. One argued Hamilton’s biggest sin in the current political climate was being “a little too white for this administration.”

The incredible irony in all of this is that Hamilton was the very first treasury secretary and the creator of America’s monetary system.

The redesigned $10 bill is slotted for 2020, which will mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

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