The Politics of Rape And The Lying Leslie Marshall

leslie marshall…Worst of all, Feminists use rape to promote a political agenda.  Probably the worst example of this is Leslie Marshall, a liberal pundit, who wrote an entire column in U.S. News bashing Todd Akin, claiming that she was raped when she was 19. She writes, “And I should know. I was the victim of rape at 19.”

Yet here, on the Sean Hannity Show where she now wants to argue gun control and defend Salazar’s remarks, she claims she wasn’t a victim of rape, as she did her article, but that at 19 she fought off her would be rapist, and didn’t need a gun to do it. She says, “If like me at 19, if you were the victim of an attempted rape, and I didn’t have a gun, and I did fight him off.  You can use self defense tactics if a gun is not at your disposable.”

So, when bashing Republican Akin, Marshall says she was raped, but when defending Salazar, she says it was only “attempted rape,” and she fought him off.

This is despicable. She is clearly lying about one or the other (or both), and in doing so she diminishes the pain of all women who have…

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