THE RESCUE MISSION: Helmet Footage Catches Intense Moment US Soldiers Freed 70 ISIS Hostages [WATCH]
The mission that cost one of our men his life. This is just a small window to see what our guys go through.

Helmet footage emerged after a raid in Iraq Thursday that allegedly shows a raid of U.S. and Kurdish forces going into an ISIS prison.

The raid took place in the Iraqi town of Hawija.

Israel National News points out, “It was the first documented case of US ground forces taking part in front line operations against ISIS.”

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One U.S. soldier died during the mission, which freed 70 hostages.

According to the YouTube description from the account OzuYasujiro:

you can see the moment the American Commandos from US Special forces (Navy Seal?) with Kurdish Peshemrga took part in an operation that took two hours against ISIS (Islamic State) to recuse hostages in the town of Hawija south of Kirkuk in South Kurdistan. Six helicopters, three Shinnoks and three Black Hawks, took part in the operation. The Peshmerga took the responsibility of the direct raid while the US forces had the supporting role. But due to the heavy fight which broke out between Peshmerga and ISIS militants, US forces had to intervene. One US soldier was killed and three Peshmerga were wounded as a result, more than 40 ISIS were killed.

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