The Salty Wag: Obama Lowers US Unemployment Rate, Makes Mothering a Job

VIEWWASHINGTON, DC – During a recent press conference addressing unemployment in the US, President Obama reported that this coming Friday he will be enacting new legislature that will effectively drop the US unemployment rate by approximately 0.89% – creating over 1,000,000 new jobs nation wide.

The President explained that while discussing Mothering in the 21st Century during his last appearance on The View, he largely agreed with the women that, “being a mother is the most difficult job on the planet.”

Therefore, the legislature being passed Friday will recognize American mothers as employed citizens – accounting for the drop in unemployment.

“On a daily basis mothers have to work as chefs, maids, entertainers, disciplinarians, chauffeurs, personal dressers, and doctors, not too even mention maintaining a home on the side”, explained the President. “It’s only fair that we recognize them for their hard work!”

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