THE SOCIALIST CANDIDATE: Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Running Out of Money

Isn’t it a little ironic the socialist candidate for president doesn’t know how to manage their money? Is this a reflection of what a Bernie run WH would be like?

The staggering fact that Bernie’s campaign spent $46 million in March — everything they raised — brings up an interesting question: At this burn rate, could his campaign end up with cash problems? 

The latest Franklin & Marshall poll in Pennsylvania shows Hillary with a double digit lead over Bernie. In New York, she defeated him by a big margin despite being outspent by $3 million.

As Bernie’s path to the nomination narrows to the point of mathematical impossibility, he’ll likely face a drop-off in contributions. There is some anecdotal evidence of a dip in energy.

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According to FEC reports, Bernie has $17 million cash on hand, which seems like a substantial sum until you realize Hillary has $29 million and is operating at a lower burn rate.


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