THE THUG LIFE: Gang of Black Girls Beat the Cr*p Out of Hispanic Girl [WATCH]

The school administration suspended everyone, including the victim because she participated in the fight; instead of balling up on the floor and continuing to let the attackers stop on her face. That school official needs to be fired.

Cell phones were rolling on a violent brawl involving Homestead middle school girls after school just feet away from school property. But it was anything other than a fair fight.

A girl in pink shorts throws the first punch at 14-year-old Angelina Padron. Padron fights back. That’s when the girl’s friends jump in. They punch, kick and at one point drag Padron by her hair into the street.

The fight is only broken up when a shirtless man from the neighborhood steps in to pick her up.

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The situation involving the girls is so tense, a relative of Angelina’s speaking out about the incident did not want to be identified.

“(The video) makes you want to go hurt somebody but you can’t,” he told CBS4’s Natalia Zea.

He says Angelina and her mother immediately reported the fight to Miami-Dade School Police and are pressing charges. The girls were suspended, as was Angelina.

“The principal actually suspended her saying she participated. She should’ve got on the ground and balled up in a ball. When she was on the ground they were kicking her in the head and stomping on her,” he said.

A district spokesperson says her suspension was later overturned, but Angelina’s family wants much more than that.

“The girls didn’t even get kicked out of school, they’re still in school when they said they would kick them out,” said the relative.

The District spokesperson denies that the principal made that promise.

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