The Value of Life: No Higher Than What is Politically Convenient or Expedient

life“The moral sense, or conscience, is as much a part of man as his leg or arm. It is given to all human beings in a stronger or weaker degree, as force of members is given them in a greater or less degree. It may be strengthened by exercise, as may any particular limb of the body. This sense is submitted indeed in some degree to the guidance of reason; but it is a small stock which is required for this: even a less one than what we call Common sense. State a moral case to a ploughman and a professor. The former will decide it as well, and often better than the latter, because he has not been led astray by artificial rules.” – Thomas Jefferson, To Peter Carr, August 10, 1787


Kermit Gosnell: recently convicted of murdering babies and manslaughter in the death of a baby’s mother.

Since Roe v Wade over fifty-six million abortions have been performed in the U.S.A. alone.

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A teenage boy shoots a baby in the face, killing the child.

A fourteen-year-old girl strangles her newborn baby before even cutting the umbilical cord.

A woman kills her elderly mother, then herself.

The president sends guns to Mexico and over 200 people are killed with those guns.

Four Americans died due to his inaction and the president calls Benghazi a “sideshow”.


The “moral sense, or conscience” is a part of us, but how many of us have apparently allowed it to die on the vine? There are other things that prove that our consciences are lacking of late, but none so much as the lack of respect and reverence for human life.

When a child knows that his or her mom is going out to the abortion clinic to “get rid of” his or her sister or brother; or a man demands his wife/girlfriend (or, nowadays, he has both) have an abortion and he has no compunction about killing his own child; or a teacher takes a fourteen-year-old to have an abortion without her parents’ consent, the lack of respect for human life is engrained into the psyche of our society. Teach a child at age four that his brother or sister can be aborted, summarily murdered without thought to right and wrong, and he realizes that it is not just the little sister/brother who can be done away with, but that there was nothing he did to deserve to live; he was just that lucky.

Later in life, the trouble of taking care of an elderly parent is a taxing experience. Some are stuck in the “Sandwich Generation”; those sandwiched between helping their parents in their retirement years and their adult children who still live at home. The children have their lives ahead of them; the parents most of theirs is behind them – with what’s ahead not so enjoyable if they have mobility difficulties or mental health problems.

Life is difficult and inconvenient enough; why bother making a decision that will add to those difficulties? After all, “It’s all about me!” is it not? Why should someone stand in the way of our dreams, goals, and convenience? Why let them interfere? A child or an elderly parent would just slow us down.

Or perhaps it’s less esoteric and more practical: monetary hardships, space available, time constraints prevent us from choosing to keep a child, or accept our parents’ needs into our lives.

These ideas, and more, can be part of the decision making process, but how they became the most important portion of the process, is the problem with our society.

When we put the value of human life at $50,000, but don’t put a value of LIFE on that $50,000 person, there is a distinct disconnect in society. Part of that disconnect is in the lack of family structure; the welfare society has put our family into disarray and disrepair – fatherless homes are the norm, instead of the rarity – and anything goes. Another part is the lack of Christian religious instruction. In that, there is value – real value – in human life. GOD’s love places intrinsic value on human life and it is in the teachings of Christianity that life’s true value is brought to the fore. Some religions teach that all life is precious; all humans have value. Others don’t cover the concept, or teach that it is only practitioners of that particular religion who are valuable.

Whichever way you choose to look at it – financially or religiously — the value of human life is actually valued — truly valued — only via religious teaching. Any and all morality comes from a sense of right and wrong; which come from religious teachings. That sense of “conscience” must be based upon a real idea of what it is that makes life precious. If we are not valuable to the insurance companies, the employer who pays us, then we still have an intrinsic value because GOD says we do. Even if we have no skill to offer an employer, nothing we do to contribute to society as a whole, we are still valued by GOD.

There’s the rub.

We have taken GOD out of the equation via removing Him from the classroom, our courtrooms, our public discussions, our holiday celebrations and our very lives. It is this dearth of GOD’s presence that creates a no-man’s land, a wasteland of godless lives living without a sense of right and wrong and without the knowledge of the preciousness of human life. Our lives are lived without morality or conscience, and it shows in the ages of our killers, the victims they choose and the steps taken – actually not taken – in the minutes and years in the aftermath.

“You kill one of us, we kill one of you,” is the mantra for some of our youth involved in gangs. “Anything goes” covers most of the rest of them. “What about me?!” the pregnant yuppie cries out as she contemplates an abortion. How many men have killed their wives to be able to go to their lovers? Susan Smith, Scott Peterson and, more recently, Jodi Arias, all put their own desires, their own “artificial rules”, ahead of the lives of others, or another human; hundreds – perhaps thousands — more examples exist.

The worst part of it is that there is no one they would follow who will set the example that would be a life-changing example for those who have devalued humanity. Our president, the constitutional professor, certainly isn’t helping set the value of human life any higher than is politically convenient and expedient for his ideas and desires, using his own set of “artificial rules”.  After all, if he can allow four Americans to die in Benghazi, ship deadly weapons to drug lords in Mexico, and who knows what else, how precious can any life – even your child’s or yours — be to him?


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