THE ZIKA VIRUS: Facts on the Disease That Will Make You Want to Live in a Bubble

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.14.17 AMYou don’t want none of this crippling, life threatening virus.

Trying to uncover facts about the Zika virus that seems to be threatening us on a global scale, is like uncovering the proverbial needle in the haystack. You find one ‘fact’ and then you discover the contradiction. This week, I’ve spent some time trying to uncover exactly what the alarm is about, why, who is responsible, or where exactly and how exactly did the Zika virus suddenly explode into something more than what it normally is.

Here are some interesting facts uncovered so far:

Circumstantial Evidence links Zika to Microcephaly

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WHO’s spokesperson Christian Lindmeier has acknowledged in an official release that there is no “proven link” between Zika and the development of microcephaly. The evidence is only “circumstantial” and seen in 8 cases tested in the lab.

Zika can be Sexually Transmitted

Zika can be sexually transmitted, as discovered in Tahiti. Although rare, the virus can survive long enough to be transmitted sexually or through blood-to-blood contact. The virus, according to the research, is also detectable in urine samples – something which requires further investigation.

More Circumstantial Evidence: Guillain-Barre syndrome

Cases of the autoimmune disorder Guillian-Barre have increased in infected areas. The nerve condition, which can cause paralysis, though on the rise, is again based on circumstantial evidence.

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