There’s No Other Way to Say It: Islam S**ks

Freedom_go_to_hell-Islam sucks!

There’s simply no other way to describe an ideology that has created such pain and suffering on a global scale. An ideology so insidious and vile – that at its very core – it demands the genital mutilation of young girls and the use of young boys as “cum containers.”

This so-called religion is nothing more than a barbarous political system built on a foundation of misogyny, anti-Semitism and the unfettered hatred of all things Christian.

Lest we forget – in the name of Islam – the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) slaughtered nearly 2 million Armenian Christians between 1915-1916 and 1922-1923. This genocide started with the wholesale butchery of 500,000 poverty stricken Armenians in the capitol city of Istanbul (formerly Constantinople).

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But, sadly, the misery didn’t end in Istanbul. Islam’s appointed spiritual leader – Mohammed el-Husseini (the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) – helped Adolph Hitler construct one of the most odious and horrific machinations in human history – the “Final Solution.”

Islam’s destructive influence during World War II resulted in the extermination of…



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