There’s Something Funny Going On And It’s No Laughing Matter

Afraid To LookThere’s something funny going on in America today. No, seriously! Sure we’re in bad shape and moving “Forward” at an alarming clip.

To anyone with an ounce of awareness, it’s depressing and can seem hopeless. How can we laugh at a time like this? It’s easy. And it helps!

There are benefits of laughing at our problems. We relieve tension. Laughter is healthy. Laughter is contagious.

We can broach difficult subjects, skewer our opponents and wake folks to see the truth!

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Where to start? There’s so much material…

How about our Edjamacation system? Arresting little kids for pointing pencils and saying “POW”, for chewing Pop-Tarts into pistol shapes.

When toy guns are outlawed, our children become outlaws.  Hugging each other becomes sexual intimidation, in the eyes of our Zero Tolerance teachers of “tolerance”.

Meanwhile, the incidence of “inappropriate” relations rises. Our High Schools, teaching “Common Core” that denies common sense, rewrites history and castigates our Constitution.

Occupied Ivory Towers, former bastions of open-mindedness, refuse speakers who stray from political correctness, turn convicted terrorists into teachers, and recommend retching to repel rape.

University health plans soak parents for sex-change operations: a permanent “solution” to undergraduate angst. They charge an arm and a leg for the privilege, sorry, “right” to higher learning. But don’t worry, the money’s not going to those who espouse free enterprise, just to overpriced administrators and professors.

Just don’t call them the 1%, no matter how much they make.

And speaking about arms and legs, there’s the abortion issue. “Choice” is a fine thing, but not for the most vulnerable among us, apparently.

Lately the news has been filled, oops, sorry, silent about the horrors perpetrated on the innocent by Gosnell, that modern-day Mengele. But it’s OK! If it even saves just one child, right?



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