THEY ACTUALLY SAID THIS: Liberal Guide Shows You ‘How to Kiss Without Sexually Assaulting’ Your Fellow Smoocher

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.31.01 PMSpeechless. Just. Wow…

With California and New York’s new “affirmative consent” laws going into effect, people wishing to have sex must get permission first.

To demonstrate just how romantic that can be, students at USC conducted a ‘Consent Carnival’ complete with a 5-step guide on how to kiss somebody without it being considered assault.

It’s a case study in how liberals can’t help but ruin EVERYTHING.

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Via The College Fix:

With that, a “Kissing Booth” at the event offered Hershey Kisses glued to little sheets of white paper that essentially explained how to properly kiss without committing sexual assault. The five-step checklist states on the front “what exactly does it mean to … ‘consent’ to a kiss?” and on the back states that “consent is”:KissChecklist

Affirmative: We’re really excited to share this kiss with you and we’re letting you know!

Coherent: We’re present and able to recognize exactly what’s happening when we give this kiss to you.

Willing: We made the decision to give you this kiss ourselves, without pressure or manipulation from you or anybody else.

Ongoing: Should you come back for another kiss, check in to see if we’d still like to give you one.

Mutual: Sure, we offered you a kiss, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Coming over to our table doesn’t forfeit your right to say no.

Pretty sure if I ever told my wife that “I made the decision to give you this kiss myself, without pressure or manipulation from you or anybody else,” that I wouldn’t be getting that kiss anytime soon.

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