THEY CAN HAVE HIM: Michael Bloomberg Considering Running for Mayor in London


Good fit. A gun control lover in a city with some of the strictest gun laws.

Michael Bloomberg wants to be mayor again – but in London rather than New York City, according to reports.

Bloomberg, who was elected to the top Big Apple job three times in a row, has reportedly turned his sights across the Atlantic, where he dreams of replacing incumbent Boris Johnson.

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According to Britain’s Sunday Times, Bloomberg, 73, is ‘considering’ the move, and has the backing of senior officials in Britain’s Conservative Party.

Bloomberg has significant business interests in the city. His Bloomberg financial information company has offices there, while he personally owns a $30million mansion. In the past he has described London as his ‘second home’.

His ex-wife is a British citizen, as are his two daughters. Though Bloomberg holds U.S. citizenship, sources told the Sunday Times that officials could arrange for a switch to make him eligible for high office.

London is due a new mayor in 2016. Boris Johnson, who was himself born in New York City, will then have held the position for eight years.

Johnson is also standing for a seat in Britain’s parliament in the country’s May elections.

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