THINK PROGRESS REPORT: Claims Ben Carson Doesn’t Want ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws to ‘Create Vigilantism’

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.06.20 AMIf this report is true, Ben Carson is way off.

Current GOP frontrunner Dr. Ben Carson has described himself as “extremely pro-Second Amendment,” posting on Facebook just last month that he believes gun control policies are more “devastating” than a “body with bullet holes.”

But when asked by ThinkProgress during a book signing at a Costco in Naples for his thoughts on the controversial “Stand Your Ground” policy that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush signed into law, Carson seemed torn.

“I see positives and negatives,” he said. “We should be talking about how we preserve our Second Amendment rights but at the same time prevent unnecessary violence. That’s the right framework.”

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When ThinkProgress pressed him to clarify, Carson said, after pausing to think, “Obviously I want people to stand their ground, but I don’t want to create vigilantism either. I probably come down somewhere in the middle on how to do it.”

Florida’s law, which Jeb Bush signed in 2005, allows state residents to use lethal force when they feel threatened, without first attempting to flee or deescalate the situation. Since then, it has inspired copycat laws in nearly half the states in the nation, and has led to an increase in the number of homicides deemed justifiable in those states. In Florida, “justifiable homicides” tripled in the five years after the law’s enactment.

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