THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH: In the U.S. Isn’t Gun Violence, It’s…

Imagine that. This is something the anti-gun movement will never tell you.

Have you ever noticed that the only professions that use the term ‘practicing’ are the medical and legal professions? You don’t hear about anyone practicing business management or practicing nuclear physics or even practicing teaching. I’ve known several doctors personally as friends and I’ve asked them about that in the past and they both told me that practicing is appropriate because there are no certainties in medicine and they don’t always get it right.

Just a couple of months ago, a friend of mine found out just how poorly some doctors practice their medicine. He was suffering from pain in his back along with his arm. He went to his doctor and was told it was just a back thing and would be okay. A day later, the pains were more intense and he was even having difficulty breathing. He went to urgent care and they again said it was his back. He asked if it could be his heart and they said no. The next day the pain was more intense and he went to the ER and again told it was his back and not to worry. Again he asked if it could be his heart and again they told him no. On the fourth day, with the pains becoming unbearable, he returned to the ER and again told not the heart, just his back. He insisted they do an EKG and when the doctor saw the results, he was immediately admitted to the hospital and rushed into surgery for his heart. Turns out he was having a heart attack for 4 days and a number of doctors kept dismissing it as just back pain.

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In fact, a new study reveals that medical errors are now the third leading cause of deaths in the United States, claiming 251,000 lives a year. Heart disease is number 1 with 614,348 deaths a year followed by cancer with 591,699. Medical errors cause more deaths then respiratory disease (147,101), accidents (136,053), stroke (133,103), Alzheimer’s (93,541), diabetes (76,488), flu/pneumonia (55,227), kidney disease (48,146) and suicide (42,773).

I’m not telling anyone to stop going to the doctor, but I am telling everyone that they need to be informed about what’s happening to them and what their doctor is doing or prescribing. Remember, it’s your body and they are only PRACTICING medicine.


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