THIS IS EPIC: Ben Carson Destroys Libs Calling him a ‘TRAITOR’ to Blacks [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.28.38 AMVery eloquently put, Carson. Way to show some class, unlike your liberal counterparts.

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson responded Wednesday in New York City to critics who dismiss him as an “Uncle Tom” or a “traitor to his race.”

“I’d say they need to actually listen not only to what I’m saying, but look at my life and look at what’s been done,” the retired neurosurgeon told TheBlaze. “It is the things that have been done that elevate people. Not things that impress people and make them dependent.”

As Carson’s celebrity has risen in the Republican Party, he has been accused by many left-wing bloggers as an “Uncle Tom” figure. An article published on the Daily Kos said, “Dear Ben Carson, When a Person Has to Deny Being an Uncle Tom, It Usually Means They Are One.”

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