THIS IS MAJOR: State Department Finds Hillary at FAULT for E-mail Scandal After it was Revealed She Did THIS

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.55.08 AMDoes this mean we get to see her go to jail now? Please say yes!

The State Department watchdog, in an extensive and detailed report, accused Hillary Clinton of flouting federal records rules and cybersecurity guidelines while secretary of state by exclusively using personal email for government business.

The report says the department and its secretaries were “slow to recognize and to manage effectively the legal requirements and cybersecurity risks associated with electronic data communications.” It cites “longstanding, systemic weaknesses” related to communications that started before Clinton’s appointment as secretary of state.


But the report singles out Clinton’s failures as more serious.

The report said while there were many examples of staff using personal accounts for official business, they could only find three cases where officials used non-department accounts “on an exclusive basis for day-to-day operations”: former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Ambassador to Kenya Jonathan Scott Gration and Clinton.

In the case of Gration, the department initiated disciplinary action against him, though he resigned before that materialized. The IG report said of Gration, “the Department’s response to his actions demonstrates how such usage is normally handled when Department cybersecurity officials become aware of it.”

The report noted that by the time Clinton took the helm of the department, internal guidance was “considerably more detailed and more sophisticated.”

Yet, the report said, “Secretary Clinton used mobile devices to conduct official business using the personal email account on her private server extensively, as illustrated by the 55,000 pages of material making up the approximately 30,000 emails she provided to the Department in December 2014.” The report said investigators found “no evidence that the Secretary requested or obtained guidance or approval to conduct official business via a personal email account on her private server.”

While some officials said they were unaware of the extent of Clinton’s personal email use, the report said they found evidence “that various staff and senior officials throughout the Department had discussions related to the Secretary’s use of non-Departmental systems, suggesting there was some awareness of Secretary Clinton’s practices.”


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