‘THIS IS NOW WAR!’: Former Congressman Tells ‘COP HATER’ Obama to ‘Watch Out’

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 3.48.51 PMFormer Congressman Joe Walsh took to twitter the night of the Dallas shootings and had some pretty strong statements to make.

Former congressman Joe Walsh took to Twitter to warn President Obama to ‘watch out’ in the wake of the shooting of several police officers in Dallas – adding: ‘This is now war.’

Walsh, 54, a Republican who represented Illinois’ 8th congressional district for one term between 2011 and 2013, began trending on the social media platform on Thursday night after ranting about Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement.

He blamed the deadly sniper attack in Dallas on Obama, writing: ‘Obama says Cops are racist so 2 uneducated black thugs shoot 10 Dallas cops tonight.’

In a now-deleted tweet, Walsh added: ‘3 Dallas cops killed, 7 wounded. This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you.’

In a now-deleted tweet, Walsh said: ‘3 Dallas cops killed, 7 wounded. This is now war. Watch out Obama.’ he later tried to backtrack and said he wasn't calling for violence

And in a later tweet, he appeared to backtrack on his previous provocative comment – but still insisted the president was to blame.

‘I wasn’t calling for violence, against Obama or anyone,’ he said. ‘Obama’s words and BLM’s deeds have gotten cops killed. Time for us to defend our cops.’

But in an interview on Friday, Walsh stood by his words and said the controversial tweet had been removed by Twitter and not him.

It was posted shortly before 11pm on Thursday night, but Walsh said it was up for an hour before Twitter contacted him to say his account had been suspended.

‘They said the tweet might look like it might incite violence,’ he told the Chicago Tribune.

He said his account would only be reinstated if he removed the tweet, which he claimed was done without him taking any action.

‘Twitter, Facebook — they’re all liberal,’ he said. ‘They’re private companies and they got their standards that I have to follow if I want to be on Twitter. It is what it is.’

But he added: ‘Of course I didn’t mean ‘let’s go kill Obama and Black Lives Matter’. I was not trying to incite violence against Obama and Black Lives Matter. That’s crazy and stupid and wrong.’

In a series of tweets, Obama blamed the attack in Dallas on Obama, who he branded a 'cop hater'
Television host Montel Williams blasted Walsh for his comments on Twitter on Thursday night


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