Three Chicks ‘STOP A RAPE’ at a Bar–How They Did it Will AMAZE You

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 11.05.41 AMThese three women were quick to act when they saw something going terribly wrong. Would you have done the same?

Three women saved the day after they allegedly stopped a rape from happening at a Santa Monica restaurant on Thursday.

Sonia Ulrich, Marla Saltzer and Monica Kenyon were out for dinner at FIG restaurant when they say they noticed a man pour something into his companion’s drink as they shared a bottle of wine.

In a Facebook post shared nearly 46,000 times and titled ‘GUESS WHO STOPPED A RAPE LAST NIGHT?! THESE GALS!’, Sonia details the events that led to a man allegedly being detained by Santa Monica Police Department.

Jezebel reported a manager at the restaurant corroborated the women’s story.

Sonia wrote on Facebook: ‘Monica, Marla and I were at Fig at the Fairmont for their delicious happy hour (‘Fig at 5.’ Treat yourself).

‘I was going on about something and saw Monica staring behind and making a funny face. I stopped. “What’s going on?” After a few second she said, “That guy just put something in her drink”.’

The man allegedly slipped something in the woman’s drink while she was in the bathroom so Sonia raced to the lady’s room to tip off the unsuspecting victim.

Sonia waited by the bathroom sink for the woman to exit the stall and when she did she confronted her.

‘Hey! Um, this is kind of weird, but, uh, we saw the guy you were with put something in your drink,’ Sonia said she told the woman.

She responded: ‘Oh My God.’

The post continues: ‘(She was) shocked, kind of numb, so I babbled “Yeah, my girlfriend said she saw him put something in your drink and we had to say something.


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