THUG LIFE: Man Beaten Half to Death as Mob Laughs [WATCH]

Keep a gun on you, always.

Horrifying video captured in Cincinnati Saturday night shows a mob of black concert-goers laughing and joking at the sight of a white victim, lying on the ground bleeding until police officers managed to rescue him.

The video, posted by the Gateway Pundit on Monday, shows a group of about 40 young adults laughing and squealing at the bloody victim on the sidewalk.

The incident occurred following a Fourth of July hip-hop and electronica concert late Saturday night after downtown fireworks, as police faced an unruly mob throwing rocks and bottles. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Sunday that officers used Tasers on two individuals and made seven arrests.

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Two officers were injured during the melee, one who was hit by a man in the crowd, the other who was struck by a bottle thrown from the mob, the Enquirer reported.

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