Thug STABS Young College Grad in Random Movie Theater Attack

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 11.04.03 AMVery sad situation. The assailant was able to land life-threatening blows to the victim, even though he fought back; now the young grad is struggling for his life.

The California college graduate who was stabbed repeatedly in the neck in a ‘random’ cinema attack tried to fight off his assailant, his brother has revealed.

Adam Lucero, 21, or Pasadena, California, was watching The Shallows at the Roxy Theater when the man sitting behind him began stabbing him with a chef’s knife.

Lucero – was left with a punctured lung and injuries to his neck, arm and ear – is in a heavily sedated state in hospital following a lengthy surgery.

His attacker Delonte Hart, 23, who is also suspected to have stabbed a homeless man to death this week, was arrested minutes after the assault and has since been charged with attempted murder.

Lucero’s brother Michael told of how he fought back as Hart repeatedly thrust the blade into his throat around 30 minutes into the movie, starring Blake Lively.

‘Doctors said all his major arteries were missed and his voice box wasn’t hit,’ Michael told the Press Democrat.

He added: ‘When you’re watching a movie, you’re so vulnerable. I think he hit the guy and caused him to run off.

‘To continue to fight the guy, which I think he did, that’s incredible.’

Hart walked out of the theater lobby after throwing a knife in a trash can outside the auditorium.

People in the nearly empty theater rushed to help the victim, who was conscious but taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Authorities said the stabbing appeared to be unprovoked and it has been classified as ‘random’. A weapon, which Navarro described as a ‘large kitchen knife’, was recovered from the scene.

Hart appeared ‘calm and nonchalant’ at the time of his arrest, according to Sgt Josh Ludtke.


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