TIME TO VOTE: Iran Nuclear Deal Goes Before the Senate

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.04.35 AMOne can only hope and pray it is struck down.

Senate Republican leaders scheduled a handful of votes Thursday afternoon on the Iran nuclear deal, part of a flurry of action on the Hill over the agreement on Thursday and Friday.

A procedural vote was set for early Thursday afternoon and a vote on overcoming a likely filibuster was set for later in the day.

Meanwhile, the House is expected to vote on a resolution saying the President violated the law by not submitting all details on the deal to Congress, which would pave the way for a lawsuit against Obama.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi continued to express confidence Thursday that the Iran deal would be implemented later this month because Democrats on Capitol Hill have enough support to overcome Republican efforts to block it.

She called the President’s handling of the debate and efforts to get it through Congress “masterful” and “dazzling.”

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