‘It’s Time For Us To Change’: Man Goes On Epic Rant About Ferguson Riots [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: This man is tired of people “acting a fool” in Ferguson, Missouri. He cites recent black-on-black violence and asks where all the protesters were. Instead of rioting and looting, he demands that people take responsibility for their own lives and actions.

A normal, everyday citizen produced this video in response to the looting and rioting taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, where a black unarmed, 18-year-old teenager was reportedly shot after  an altercation with a police officer. 

The video, posted on Johnathan Gentry’s Facebook page, has gone viral and gives a complete and utterly blunt and passionate rebuke of those looting, rioting, and setting businesses on fire. 

“I just want to get straight to the point about this Michael Brown incident,” he begins his statement. “What we’re doing out here [rioting, looting] is not helping.” 

Gentry then premises his next statement by saying he’s going to say what the black community needs to hear, rather than what they just want to hear, then said, “All we know what to do is blame white folks for our actions,” he passionately said. “I’m sick of it!” he shouted. 

“Let’s change as black people!” Gentry said, almost screaming. “How are our kids supposed to grow up when we’re out here acting stupid?” he added. 

Gentry calls out black civil rights leaders and activists, mentioning by name the Black Panthers and the NAACP, in an epic rant that sounds as though he’s impersonating MSNBC’s Al Sharpton which would be funny if it weren’t such a serious topic: 

“You activists out there, you civil rights leaders…all of a sudden Black Panthers, NAACP come out of the woodworks. They just came out of nowhere, [mocking] ‘Oh, we’re gonna want justice, we want justice–no justice no peace.’ That’s all you see, ‘no justice no peace. Shut up!”

“When it was sixty-plus shootings in Chicago a few weeks back, where were you?” he asked. “Nowhere to be found. A few weeks later there were 47 drive-bys [shootings] in one weekend. Where were you? Nowhere to be found.”

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