TO THE SLAMMER: Arrests Made After Violent Outbreak in Johannesburg

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South African officials decided to take the more civil approach to these violent attackers.

More than 30 people have been detained by police in South Africa after a fresh outbreak of anti-foreigner violence.

Overnight, small groups attacked shops in several areas around Johannesburg, the country’s commercial hub.

Police used rubber bullets to disperse looters in Alexandra, a township north of the city.

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At least six people have died in anti-foreigner attacks in the eastern port city of Durban, with violence spreading to other parts of the country.

Several thousand foreigners have fled their homes to shelter in makeshift camps, and neighbouring Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique have announced plans to evacuate citizens.

Meanwhile, police have urged people to stop sending unverified social media messages about attacks on foreigners because they are causing panic.

President Jacob Zuma has cancelled a trip to a summit in Indonesia because of the wave of violence against foreigners. On Saturday afternoon he is due to visit the Chatsworth refugee camp in Durban.

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