Today Show: Protect Your Family With Anything But a Gun

Liberals once again will do anything BUT give you the most effective tool for self-defense, a gun. Check out what they are suggesting for your home defense.

Earlier this week, a report on The Today Show about “simple tips to keep your family safe” discussed every form of home defense imaginable…except guns.

The tools that The Today Show deem more effective than firearms include activating your car alarm, sleeping with your door open and keeping a can of wasp spray handy.

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The report stated that there are 50,000 home invasions in the United States each year. For advice on how to stop these intrusions, the reporters turned to a burly former detective named Wallace Zeins. Each of Zeins’ suggestions was more ridiculous than the last.

First, he suggested turning on your car alarm – as if that would somehow deter a burglar who is already in your house.

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