Tomorrow Night’s Debate: Making History in the Craziest Ways Possible

Will Hillary croak tomorrow night in the debate of the century? And by croaking we mean having an uncontrolled coughing fit. We will have to wait and see. This is going to be epic.

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get ready to face off in the first debate, their campaigns are mired in a new controversy over guests.

The candidates have been accused of using their debate invitations to get under their opponent’s skin — and appear to be trying to outdo each other with their potential guests.

Billionaire Mark Cuban, an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, last week announced he had accepted an invitation from Clinton’s campaign to sit front-row at the debate on Monday night.

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In response, Trump threatened to bring Gennifer Flowers, a woman with whom former PresidentBill Clinton had an extramarital affair.

The GOP nominee tweeted Saturday if “dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside him.”

Flowers later appeared to accept the invitation: “Hi Donald. You know I’m in your corner and will definitely be at the debate,” she tweeted in response.

Bill Clinton testified under oath in 1998, saying he had a sexual affair with Flowers.

But members of Trump’s campaign on Sunday denied that Flowers was officially invited and said she will not attend.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) said confirmed Flowers wouldn’t be at the debate, and said his running mate’s tweet was meant to mock Clinton for “trying to distract attention away from this moment in our national life where the American people are going to see a strong contrast” between both major party’s nominees.

The Indiana governor criticized the Democratic nominee for extending an invitation to Cuban.

“Hillary Clinton apparently thinks this is an episode of ‘Shark Tank,’ but this is America,” Pence said on “Fox News Sunday,” referring to the ABC reality-business show Cuban has appeared on as an investor.

“It’s serious business.”

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, echoed Pence’s comments, saying Flowers isn’t expected to be at the presidential debate as Trump’s guest.

Benenson said on Sunday that the event is for the American people. Voters want to hear a substantive debate between Clinton and Trump so they can decide which candidate has the “experience, knowledge and judgment to implement plans that will make a real difference in their lives,” he said.

“That’s what Hillary Clinton’s going to be focusing on,” he said.

“Talking to the American people about their lives, what she’s going to do for them, how she’s going to get things done, that’ll help them get ahead.”

Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, praised the GOP nominee’s debate skills, calling him a “brilliant debater.”

“He’s like the Babe Ruth of debating. He really shows up and swings and does a great job,” she said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Monday’s debate, moderated by NBC News’s Lester Holt, is expected to be the most watched ever, with an audience that could exceed 100 million people.

An audience of that size would be something never seen before in U.S. politics.


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