Top 5 Apps Every Gun Owner NEEDS on Their Phone

We live in a world of technology.

And if you thought technology wouldn’t help your gun game out, think again!

It doesn’t take much money, either. All you need is your smart phone.

Mobile Apps have become the way of the future. You can do almost anything with the touch of your fingertips.

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But with that comes some junk apps. What’s good, what’s not worth your time, and what do you want to stay 100 feet from?

We’ve taken some of the stress away of sifting through apps! Take a look at these NRA approved babies and let us know which ones you’ll be trying!

CCW — Concealed Carry 50 State

We know you keep up with the latest gun news. But wouldn’t it be easier if there was one place to get all your concealed carry news? Look no further than this app!

This is a great tool that makes it simple for you to follow gun laws in each state and in every instance.

You will be able to review information direct from the state governments and law enforcement authorities such as State Statutes for each state, Direct Reciprocity Information, CCW Application forms, State FAQs, etc. Accompanying all of that information will be links so you can dig deeper into your chosen topic.

NRA Blog

There are interactive state maps that allow you to click on any state and view details such as:

  • States recognition of specific permits
  • All the permits a state allows
  • State map of the type of permit available
  • Map of states recognizing your permit

If you do a lot of traveling, we definitely recommend this app!

Download for iOS or Android

Posted! Carry List Anti – Gun Locations

This app is useful for pinpointing the places you want to avoid!

Or at least, it will let you know places you should be aware of.

It lets you know where concealed carry is not permitted.

A licensed permit holder or a resident of a constitutional carry state can usually legally carry their firearm in any location other than statutory “no carry” locations such as schools, Gov. Buildings and in businesses that are posted prohibiting firearms. This provides a list of those Posted Anti-Gun businesses.

Before making hotel accommodations, dinner reservations or plans for a night on the town, check this app to ensure you won’t have to disarm in the parking lot or return home if you do not have a place to safely store your firearm. If you know beforehand, you can avoid the places that prohibit carry, or you can leave your firearm at home if you must attend.

But you can also add pro-gun alternatives. (And who doesn’t want that?) You can search for gun friendly businesses and even add new ones to the list every time you come across one.

This app has one more feature which is amazing. You can take action. With the app, you can call or email the listed business and let them know your thoughts. It’s a great way to get involved in the pro-gun movement.

Download for iOS or Android

Make Ready – The shot timer with a voice

Need some help practicing at the range? Here is a cheap tool that will improve your performance. It’s like have a Range Officer in your pocket!

With Make Ready you can choose between spoken range commands, immediate or delayed start and you can practice whenever you like! You can even use it for dry fire practice when you can’t make it to the range.

So get your firearm and set a par-time to see if you can complete your drill before it expires!

If you don’t know if you want to make the $10 investment, have no fear. There is a FREE version out there for those who want to try before they buy.

If this sounds like you, give ‘Make Ready Lite’ a spin.

Download for iOS

The Shooting Club

Okay, no excuses for this one. It’s free!

Shooting sports are growing in popularity, but maybe there aren’t many competitors where you live. Ever wish there was a social media app exclusively for sharp shooters like yourself? The Shooting Club is the answer to your prayers!

The first social shooting experience where you can find local shooting ranges, improve your firearm safety and marksmanship, and, of course, connect with people of all skill levels everywhere!

There are cash and prizes for the winning, too!

You can keep up with your friends and check out their current skill level.

Not to mention you can see archive images of all the targets you’ve shot to date, allowing you to see your timeline of progression.

Download for iOS or Android


What list of NRA approved apps would be complete without the NRA app!

For members and allies of the NRA, this app is perfect for you. Get the latest on the Second Amendment, connect and talk with fellow activists, and lobby your elected officials.

This is a great way to become an active member, right from your home!

Download for iOS or Android


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