Top Neuroscientist Arrested at Arizona Airport for Pointing his AR-15 the Wrong Way

article-0-2015F83600000578-222_306x423Editor’s Note: The details of this case are a little sketchy. This neuroscientist, who is practicing his second amendment rights, has brought his gun more than once with him to the airport. Could it be that law enforcement was jumping at the chance to arrest him?

An Arizona brain scientist was hauled to jail on Friday after he showed up to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport to get a cup of coffee with an assault rifle in his hand.

Dr. Peter Nathan Steinmetz may have slung an AR-15 over he shoulder as a way of exercising his Second Amendment rights and to make a point.

However, he wasn’t cuffed because he had the gun, police say, but for where he was pointing it.

Phoenix police say 54-year-old Peter Nathan Steinmetz was arrested Friday and booked into jail on suspicion of one count of disorderly conduct with a weapon.

He was in the ‘non-secure’ section of the busy international airport, reports the Phoenix New Times, where having even an AR-15 rifle is perfectly within his rights.

Things changed when, perhaps while taking a sip of hot coffee, Steinmetz ‘proceeded to remove the AR-15 from his right shoulder thus causing the muzzle to face two victims sitting to the right…’ according to booking documents.

That’s when the muzzle faced a mother and her 17-year-old daughter who subsequently told police they feared for their lives. Police say the weapon was loaded.

At that point, Steinmetz was arrested.

‘It was him being negligent in how he was manipulating the weapon,’ Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos told 3TV. ‘(He) pointed it toward a couple individuals, two females, and made them nervous.’

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