TOPLESS OFFENDER: Woman Jailed over Malaysian Topless Stunt is Freed

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 9.26.13 AMNormally, if you’re in the jungle and you want to go topless with your friends, fine. If you have tribal leaders and a bunch of locals that you’re offending, you better think twice.

A British woman has arrived in Kuala Lumpur where she will board a flight home after posing naked on a sacred mountain.

Eleanor Hawkins, 23, and Canadian siblings Danielle and Lindsey Petersen, and Dylan Snel from the Netherlands were sentenced to three days in jail and fined £1,000 earlier today.

As they have already spent three days in custody leading up to the court appearance, they were set to be deported from the country immediately.

Speaking from outside the court, Sky News Asia Correspondent Mark Stone said the four had been “very relieved” on hearing the verdict.

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“They didn’t speak to the media but their defence counsel gave us the thumbs-up first and was very pleased,” he said.

Miss Hawkins, who was handed over to immigration officers at midnight, has said she is “pleased and happy” to be returning to the UK.

Her father, Tim, said the sentence was “appropriate and fair for the offence committed”.

“I am grateful that the Malaysian authorities reached this decision,” he said.

“Eleanor knows what she did was wrong and disrespectful and she is deeply sorry for any offence she has caused to the Malayan people.”

Earlier in the morning, a handcuffed Miss Hawkins had arrived outside Kota Kinabalu Magistrates’ Court in a car driven and guarded by men in black balaclavas.

Miss Hawkins, an aeronautical engineering graduate from Derby, was then read the charge that at 6.45am on 30 May she had committed an “obscene act in a public place to the annoyance of others”.

According to Stone, who was in court, Miss Hawkins “was very quick” to plead guilty. The other three tourists then also entered guilty pleas.

The court heard the group had been making a large amount of noise and some had urinated in a pond during the incident, offending tribal elders in the area of Mount Kinabalu.

The tourists were originally accused of telling their guides to “go to hell” when they were warned about what they were doing but the group of four denied this.

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