Tough Mudder Competition Sees Tragic First Death

A competitor comforts his teammate after she made it through the last obstacle during the Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow in West DoverWith a descriptive motto of “probably the toughest event on the planet,” Tough Mudder does not make itself out as a competition to be taken lightly. Still, in the three years that the competition has been running, no deaths have been reported. Sadly, that streak was broken last Saturday when 28-year-old Avishek Sengupta perished while participating in the “Walk the Plank” section of the event. The accident occurred at the competition’s Mid-Atlantic location in Virginia.

Designed by the British Special Forces and boasting obstacles designed to test endurance, strength, and mental willpower, the mud-obsessed event drew in over 750,000 participants since it began. Tough Mudder also raised more than $5 million for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Some of the world’s most difficult–and muddy–challenges also bring the strictest safety measures. Dozens of medical and emergency personnel keep watch at every event. The Mid-Atlantic event hosted more than …



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