TOW TRUCK DRIVER: Sees Bernie Sanders Sticker on Car, Responds by…

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.04.59 AMDo you think this is a hate crime that needs to be reported to the police or just good common sense? Give us your thoughts.

A South Carolina tow truck driver caused a national firestorm when he refused to tow what was left of a Bernie Sanders supporter’s wrecked automobile. Kenneth Shupe, who runs Shupee Max Towing, was called to travel over 50 miles from Greenville County, S.C., to Asheville, NC.

Upon arrival and after starting to hook up Cassy McWade’s vehicle, Shupe noticed the “Bernie 2016” stickers and signs on McWade’s car, something Shupe called “Sanders stuff.”

Shupe, who says he is a conservative Christian and supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, said his business history in dealing with socialist-minded clients has left somewhat of a sour taste in his mouth because he hasn’t been paid. So he politely declined to tow Cassy McWade’s car, leaving her on the side of the road. He told McWade to “call the government” for a tow.

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“I noticed … the Bernie Sanders sign in her back window. … Every business dealing in recent history that I’ve had with a socialist-minded person, I haven’t gotten paid. I own the truck. The side of the truck says ‘Shupee,’ it doesn’t say ‘freebie,’” Shupe told Adrian Acosta of Fox News Carolina. He said every time he does he gets “berned, with an E, not a U.”

Cassy’s mother, Kelle McWade, told reporters she’s very upset over Shupe’s refusal to tow her daughter’s car because she’s a Sanders supporter, adding that her daughter is disabled. Shupe said he wasn’t aware of that.


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