TRACKING DEVICE FOR YOUR GUNS: New KeeperTI Tracking Device to Keep Your Guns ‘Safe’

Crowdfunding is a popular choice for modern inventors seeking the financial means to bring their products to market, and two enterprising software engineers recently launched a an indiegogo campaign for their new device called KeeperTI. The idea behind the small, tile-like contraption is simple. KeeperTI “tags” track whatever it is attached to, letting users find the item by using a smartphone app. While this technology has been thoroughly explored before by other inventors, the minds behind KeeperTI have included two features geared specifically towards gun owners. First, the tag emits an audible alarm when the device is tampered with or moved from a set zone, and then the owner is alerted by phone. KeeperTI even shows the item’s last known location if the tag is removed or damaged.

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