TRAGEDY BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE GOVERNMENT: Nadia Ezaldein Denied a Protection Order Against her Stalker Ex, Now She is Dead


What a tragic story. Unable to get a gun, this woman seeking help from ‘law enforcement’ was denied their protection. She was left defenseless by the government. And now she is dead.

This is the 22-year-old Nordstrom worker who was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend on Black Friday.

Nadia Ezaldein was gunned down on the store floor by Marcus Dee, 31, on the manic shopping day, which was also her birthday.

The killing came seven months after she applied from a protection order after he allegedly broke her ribs, fractured her jaw and tore her clothing in a vicious attack.

Dee, who killed himself before police could move in on the store, also put a gun in Ezaldein’s mouth during the confrontation, according to the court documents, filed in April.

Her twin sister told a judge on April 8 that Dee, 31, also ‘stabbed her jacket with a switch knife, ripped her boots and bruised her lip. [He] threw her clothes out the window and put [a] gun in her mouth’.

The application was filed a day after Dee applied for protection against Nadia’s twin sister, who he claimed was trying to get him arrested and kicked out of the Army.

Ezaldein, a seasonal worker at Nordstrom’s downtown Chicago branch, was fatally gunned down by Dee at the store on Friday – her 22nd birthday – before he turned the gun on himself.

She was rushed to hospital and placed on life support, but died on Saturday at 3:43pm, a day after her family had planned a surprise dinner for her birthday.

Dee was declared dead at the scene.

Ezaldein’s relatives had flown in from Florida especially to surprise the University of Chicago law student for her birthday. She had taken the job so she could afford her tuition fees.

Today, a friend posted a tribute on Facebook to her.

It said: ‘RIP my sweet beautiful beam of light. I won’t ever forget our beautiful and pure last moment Thursday morning. You got me. You are my angel forever.

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