TRAGIC: Chinese Mother ‘stabbed to death by brother-in-law who threw her three-month-old baby into boiling water’

article-2510520-1988F5F300000578-11_638x428A Chinese man who murdered his sister-in-law and threw her baby into boiling water is awaiting trial and execution. . 

Sun Chuanjun cut his sister-in-law, Xu Xiaoli’s throat with a kitchen knife after becoming involved in an argument about money at her home in Anmi in Lianing province, north east China. 

He then fled to the nearby house of his father where he threw the woman’s three-month-old baby into a pot of boiling water before being seized by authorities.

Neighbours recall how they found the new mother lying dead on the floor after hearing screams coming from the house.

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‘We went next door and the place looked like a bloodbath,’ one said. 

Sun Chuanjun ‘snatched’ the baby from the house and took it to his father’s home nearby, police said.

‘When he got to his father’s house he saw a large pot of boiling water and simply threw the child into it,’ a spokesman added.


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