Tragic: Dash Cam Video Shows Deputy Sobbing After Shooting 70-Year-Old Vet Who He Thought Was Grabbing a Gun

Just released dashcam video shows exactly what happened when a York County deputy shot a 70-year-old man during a traffic stop on Feb. 25.

Sheriff Bruce Bryant calls it was an unfortunate situation, but under the same circumstances he says he would have shot the man too.

Bryant says Bobby Canipe didn’t intentionally do anything wrong when he got out of his truck, grabbed his cane out of the truck bed and pointed it at Deputy Terrence Knox.

Bryant says Knox felt his life was in danger and fired several shots. One hit Canipe in the leg.

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Here’s how the video plays out:

Knox sounds his siren and turns on his lights to pull over Canipe around 7:30 p.m. for expired tabs on U.S. 321, just north of Clover.

Canipe gets out of his Ford F-150 and reaches into the bed of his truck.

Knox immediately tries to get Canipe to put it down, not knowing what it was.

“Hey sir. Sir. Whoa!” Knox is heard saying on the video.

Then you hear shots fired.

“Drop the gun,” Knox yells.

He immediately runs to Canipe and stays with him for several minutes.

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