Trayvon Martin To Be Given This Posthumous AWARD — No, It’s Not A Joke!

You get an award! You get an award! EVERYONE GETS AN AWARD!

That’s how it is now. No one can be a loser, everyone must be a winner.

Remember the time when a degree actually meant something? You worked long hours studying, writing papers, working on projects. You earned that piece of paper with your blood, sweat, and tears (a lot of tears). And, you know, money.

Or an award would be presented to someone because they earned it by enriching the lives of others.

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Just a quick example, Rosa Parks was awarded an honorary degree from Bryant College. She is fully deserving of this award. She was a great civil rights activist and did great things for people around the country.

But now, awards are losing their meaning.

Trayvon Martin’s name is attached to the political movement Black Lives Matter. And people are cashing in on the name. Using it to gain prestige, a method known as ‘virtue signaling’. Something Progressives do to say ‘Hey, I’m one of you!’

So now, this is happening.

Five years after his death sparked international dialog about racism, social justice and community policing, Trayvon Martin will be honored for the industrial ambitions he held as a teenager growing up in Sanford, FL. Florida Memorial University will posthumously award a bachelor’s of aeronautical science to Martin, to be received by his parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin during the school’s annual spring commencement ceremony on May 13.

Officials say the degree honors Martin’s life-long dream of becoming a pilot, and continues to highlight the family’s commitment to social justice. Martin’s parents, both social justice activists and co-founders of The Trayvon Martin Foundation, which is housed on the FMU campus. (Source)

Conveniently, Memorial is the same campus that happens to be the place where his parent located a charity that rides on his coat-tails.

This boy did stuff that no parent (in their right mind) would want their children doing. But we are still making him out to be a hero.

What a dangerous message such awards send to our kids…

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