Treated Like A Wife Beater: Shaneen Allen Finally Getting the Justice Wife Beating Ray Race Received

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.37.29 AMShaneen Allen, guilty of being a gun totting single mother, is now finally receiving the justice that wife beating Ray Rice received from the same prosecutor.

Because of all the outrage and phone calls and emails sent to the New Jersey legal apparatus the DA has finally been pressured into offering Shaneen Allen the pre trial intervention, sparing her from a trial that would have cost her thousands and held a penalty if she lost of 10 years in jail.

The Attorney General of New Jersey, seeing the spit storm mounting decided to swoop in and give everyone political cover offering “clarification” to county prosecutors with respect to out-of-state visitors from states where their gun possession would be legal.

AG John Hoffman:

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“In most of these cases, imprisonment is neither necessary nor appropriate to serve the interests of justice and protect public safety.”

To which slime ball DA McClain stated:

“In applying the factors set out in the clarification, I determined that the defendant in this case should be offered the opportunity to be admitted into the Atlantic County PTI Program. I have communicated that determination to the court and defense counsel.”

So in the messed up world that encapsulates New Jersey, one woman will remain free thanks to another woman being beaten.

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