Trey Gowdy Slams McCabe: ‘Fellow Bureau Agents’ Suggested He Be Fired, Not Trump’s Fault

FBI Deputy Director Andre McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions this past Friday evening. Democrats have lambasted that the move is Trump’s way of discrediting the “FBI and undermine the Special Counsel’s investigation.”

Trey Gowdy, who needs no introduction, said that is a bunch of horse cr*p; not in those words exactly.

Gowdy also critiqued McCabe’s statement after being canned:

“That’s right. If you look at his statement, he was really upset that he was being blamed for ending something and the interesting part of his statement, which I hadn’t heard a lot of people talk about, is he was really blaming [Department of Justice]. The Department of Justice is who shut down the investigation. But you know what, Chris? We don’t live in a relativistic world. […] And you don’t get to decide when to tell the truth and when not to. I’m going to withhold judgment until Horowitz’s report comes out.”

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“Two weeks ago the president was criticizing and all of sudden now McCabe criticizing,” Gowdy went on. “So he’s probably doing his job because now everyone is criticizing him. Let’s see what he found. Let’s wait and see what the lack of candor was. And then we could judge the fact pattern and the proportionality of the penalty, of his losing his pension. We can judge all that once we understand exactly what he’s alleged to have done.”

“Make no mistake, the FBI is who recommended that he be fired. It wasn’t crazy House Republicans and it wasn’t the Trump Administration. It was his own fellow bureau agents,” he added.


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