TREY GOWDY: Took 1 Look at Hillary’s Servers and Has this SCATHING Comeback

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.43.25 AMOne blow after the other. Gowdy is relentless and that’s exactly who is needed to take down Hillary.

Hillary Clinton finally surrendering her server “validates” the House Select Committee on Benghazi’s March request that she do, and the fact that she scrubbed it clean first shows “a higher level of concealment,” committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said Sunday.

“I don’t know whether you do yoga or not — I don’t, so I don’t have any yoga emails,” said Gowdy about Hillary’s claim that most of the emails scrubbed clean from her server were about yoga and her daughter’s wedding. “But the greater steps that you take to clean something or delete something — that’s a higher level of concealment, that’s a higher level of consciousness of concealment.”

“So your viewers have to ask themselves to what lengths would they go to delete a yoga email,” said Gowdy on “Fox News Sunday.” “Would they call in forensic experts to triple wash a server so they could get rid of bridesmaids’ emails or yoga practice emails? Of course not.”

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Gowdy said “the more energy [Hillary] put into cleansing or wiping the server clean, I think your viewers should take or infer from that perhaps there was something on there she really didn’t want us to see.”

“Once it was determined that … more than classified, compartmented information was on [Hillary’s] server, the FBI then had jurisdiction,” Gowdy explained. “I wish she had done this in March. We would be further down the road” with the investigation.

“But she swore she would never turn the server over again and I guess she didn’t,” said Gowdy. “It was taken — it wasn’t turned over, it was taken.”

Gowdy said he views the FBI as “apolitical” and that they will investigate wherever the evidence takes them. He added that he hopes the FBI turns the server over to the inspector general when they are through with their investigation.

“Why is all of this your business? What does this have to do with investigating what happened around Benghazi?” questioned host Chris Wallace.

“Probably not much of anything,” replied Gowdy. “It was just us that determined this unique email arrangement that she had with herself. We have interviewed three dozen witnesses not a single one of them is named Clinton.”

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