Trick or Trump: Man Goes All Out For Anti-Republican Halloween Display

An Alameda, California resident decided the perfect place to air his political grievances was on his front lawn…in the form of a Halloween display.

To say Alameda resident Daniel Balsam isn’t a fan of President Trump would be an understatement. How do we know? Just take a look at his front yard.

Balsam thought the best way to get into the Halloween spirit was to decorate with some of the scariest things he could think of, Republicans.

His elaborate display, titled “A Very, Very Trump Halloween, Part Duh,” contains segments such as an immigrant child in a cage, tombstones for departed White House staff members, and a scarecrow Ted Cruz sitting next to a sign reading “The most punchable face in America.”

But the center of attention is a devil figure with a “Donald Trump” name tag, which will say to a passerby, “Come with me my child into the heart of darkness itself!” Then it will let out an evil laugh.

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Balsam claims the display is no less frightening than the conservative politics that inspired it. “The administration is basically the scariest monsters we can think of. That’s why we do the Halloween display like this,” Balsam explained to KPIX.

This is the second edition that the Balsam’s have set up, “We were hoping he would be impeached between years one and two, but the material keeps on coming.”

The neighbors also seem to agree with the display. “Funny, but sad and true,” said resident Kathleen Fennelly. “I’m glad he decided to use his voice to share how he feels,” said another neighbor, Sean Cahill.

The display hasn’t escaped the notice of children either. When one boy was asked why he like the Trump devil, he responded, “Not the real one! He’s just dressed up.”

Balsam doesn’t have any plans to stop putting up the display, stating he will have more in 2019. “It could be worse. I don’t know if we’ve hit bottom.”

And the cherry on top of this ghoulish exhibit, you ask? The older children who come knocking on the Balsam’s door will not receive candy but rather a mock diploma from “Trump University.” The paper reads that they represent a “B.S.” degree for “been suckered” and are signed by “President Trump, Commander in Cheese.”

Wonder what his Christmas display will hold…

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