Triggered: One Sign has Liberals on School Campuses in a Fuss — ‘It’s Ok to be…’

Whomever coordinated this organized effort was a genius. In today’s society many liberals have made it very apparent it is not ok to be white, especially if you’re a middle-aged man.

Signs at high schools, college campuses and neighborhoods across the country have been popping up simply stating ‘it’s okay to be white’. As you can imagine, this has all the liberals in a hissy-fit.


Hilariously enough one school department has started investigating the activity; while one college student felt that the ‘it’s okay to be white’ signs were somehow ‘threatening.’

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The organized effort seems to be linked to an incident that happened back in October at the Boston College. Someone posted a sign saying ‘don’t apologize for being white’ and naturally caused a triggering effect, which launched a website called where the sign can be printed.


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