TROUBLE IN PARADISE? DNC Chairman Asks All Staffers to RESIGN

DNC Chairman Tom Perez is doing some spring cleaning – by asking for resignation letters from ALL current staffers! The staff routinely sees major turnover when someone new is appointed but this is on the extreme scale.

The DNC has not had the best year to say the least, and with Perez getting rid of everyone, it will allow him to remake and mold the DNC’s headquarters to his specifications.

A committee advising Perez on his transition is now interviewing staff and others as part of a top-to-bottom review process to decide not only who will stay and who will go, but how the party should be structured in the future.

“This is longstanding precedent at the DNC and has happened during multiple Chair transitions,” said DNC spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa. “The process was started before the election of the new Chair. From the beginning, Tom has been adamant that we structure the DNC for future campaigns. Current and future DNC staff will be integral to that effort. Over the last few months, the DNC staff has done incredible work under immense pressure to hold Trump accountable.”

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Perez is the party’s third leader in the past year, which was one of its most difficult on record.

NBC News

A hard year indeed! The DNC did everything it could to repeatedly shoot itself in the foot. From choosing Hillary over Bernie and their hacked emails, to the “abrupt” resignation of former chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (a woman riddled with scandal). And of course the kicker, Hillary’s loss.

Is it too late for the DNC to remake themselves? Let us know your thoughts.

In the mean time, we’re going to kick back and watch the show unfold.


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