Trouble in Paradise: Former Obama Fan Bill Clinton Blasts Obama Spy Program During Brazilian Visit

bill-and-obamaIn a local Brazilian newspaper, O Globo, Clinton blasted Obama’s widespread espionage carried out in countries such as Brazil. Clinton mentioned that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding the NSA were at times troubling.

The United States has committed an injustice through its eavesdropping on Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff as well as the government-run oil company Petrobras, Clinton told the Brazilian news media. He also mentioned U.S. interception of the emails and telephone calls of millions of Brazilians.

“We should not be getting economic information under the pretext of security. Not with an ally,” Clinton claimed..

The president — who himself was accused of violating Americans’ privacy rights through his own spy program called “Echelon” in the 1990’s, as reported byExaminer — noted that electronic surveillance can be used to track suspects of terrorism in the United States.

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“The content of e-mails and calls is only monitored when a person has frequent contact with suspects of terrorism, and even so, it requires a court order,” Clinton is quoted as saying.

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