True Story: College Snowflake Makes Asinine Argument That MILK is Racist

Once again the Liberals have found something new to b*tch about.

Now apparently they have issues with all milk… because it’s white or white people drink it… or… or. Oh hell! Just read this and get ready to laugh.

Samantha Diaz, a staff writer for California State University-Long Beach’s student newspaper The Daily 49er, wrote an article claiming that white supremacists and neo-Nazis are now using milk as a symbol of hate.

When you think of milk, do you think of racism or “nationalism”? Diaz explains why you should.

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When you think of milk, what first comes to your mind? If you’re a millennial, you probably think of strong bones, Got Milk? commercials, or maybe eating your favorite cereal while watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.

What about racism? White nationalism? If you’re having trouble finding the connection between these institutions and milk, you’re not alone. You, along with the rest of the nation, have been so accustomed to hearing the benefits of milk that you probably didn’t even realize the subtle racism hidden in our health facts.

Diaz then argues that the federal government’s endorsement of milk as a beneficial part of the country’s diet “contributes to the problem by uncritically pushing people to drink milk, despite the potential detriment it has on non-white people’s health.”

Still confused?

She states that because African-Americans do not suffer from osteoporosis at the same rates as most Americans, the United States is promoting a racist agenda.

Does that mean they can’t benefit from milk at all? It’s pretty ridiculous to say that.

She also says that the trolls at 4chan who hijacked Shia LaBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” shtick, drank milk to counter-protest him as a means of imposing white supremacy on the actor.

…Is Shia LaBeouf not white? A quick Google search (so you know we are getting the most Liberal version) says that LaBeouf is Jewish and Cajun, which is white.

So, is it white supremacy because of his half Jewish side?

We’re confused by Diaz’s logic.

Diaz alludes to a scene in the new blockbuster hit Get Out where a white woman drinks a glass of milk with a bendy straw. She claims the film “highlights racism in post-racial America” and citing that as additional evidence that milk represents a status symbol for white supremacists.

So a movie. She’s basing this on what a movie tells her…

She also cites a Mother Jones article to further justify her assertions:

The Mother Jones article states that not only is milk non-beneficial to Africans, but following the guidelines may actually be detrimental to their health. There is a strong correlation to calcium consumption and an increased risk of prostate cancer, unproportionally affecting African men. Furthermore, both black children and adults generally secrete less calcium on a daily basis than white people, making them less dependent upon milk.

Give. Me. A. BREAK!

Is this the craziest thing you’ve heard all day?



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