TRUE STORY: Hillary Won Two Precincts with the ‘Toss of a Coin’

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 7.11.06 AMI guess money does win elections.

Bernie Sanders has taunted Hillary Clinton for depending on Big Money to secure the Democratic nomination, but during Monday night’s Iowa caucuses Clinton won a minor victory on a single coin.

Video posted on social media showed caucus functionaries tossing a coin to break a tie between Sanders and Clinton in precinct 70 in Des Moines.

In the bid to attain the precinct’s final delegate, the Clinton supporters chose tails, and won. Clinton also won by luck in precinct 13 in Davenport, video showed.

Univision reporter Fernando Peinado, who was present at the precinct 70 caucus in Des Moines, tweeted a picture of what he said was a guide for Democratic precinct chairs showing rule 28, which contains the stipulation about tossing a coin to break ties.

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