Trump Announces Support of “Iranian People” After 12 Were Killed in Protest of the Government

Monday morning President Trump showed his utmost support for “the great Iranian people”, after there was confirmation 12 people have been killed in the Iranian uprising.

His comment came after Nikki Haley, our current UN Ambassador, made a public statement Sunday that America supports the Iranian people and she prayed “freedom and human rights will carry the day.”

“In the New Year, our hopes and prayers are with the millions of people who are suffering terribly from oppressive governments in North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and especially in Iran, where the long-repressed Iranian people are now finding their voice,” Haley said.

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“The Iranian government is being tested by its own citizens. We pray that freedom and human rights will carry the day,” she added.

While Trump made his support for the Iranian people public, he also took the time to hammer Obama’s nuclear deal with Tehran:

“We support the right of the Iranian people to express themselves peacefully. Their voices deserve to be heard. We encourage all parties to protect this fundamental right to peaceful expression and to avoid any actions that contribute to censorship,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, said Sunday.

Via Breitbart: “In the events of last night, unfortunately, a total of about 10 people were killed in several cities,” Iranian state television reported on Monday, as transcribed by Reuters. The official total was revised upward to 12 dead later on Monday morning.

Of course, reliable information is difficult to come by from “news” outlets controlled by the oppressive Iranian regime. Reuters quotes several officials who suggested it might have been the protesters who fired at police, or that some of the deaths were attributable to looting.

Rand Corporation senior policy analyst Alireza Nader cited unconfirmed reports on Sunday evening that protesters have “taken over government offices in the city of Iran and is fighting security forces.”

“Hard to tell, but there seems to be significant fighting all over Iran,” Nader added.

“The government will show no tolerance for those who damage public properties, violate public order and create unrest in the society,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned.

Rouhani stated Iran is a “free nation” and conceded that “according to the constitution and citizen rights, the people are free to express their criticism and even their protests.”

He pointed out that “criticism should not be accompanied by violence or vandalizing public property.”

Rouhani hit back at President Trump’s statement: “This man in America who is sympathizing today with our people has forgotten that he called the Iranian nation terrorists a few months ago. This man who is against the Iranian nation to his core has no right to sympathize with Iranians.”

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